Hottop USA New Hottop Coffee Roaster For 2013!

New Model Redefines Small Shop
Home Coffee Roasting

As soon as there is any verified information concerning price, date of availability (probably in August/September), or any other information we will be posting updates here on the Hottop USA website.
Thank you for your patience!   - Hottop USA

      Hottop will soon be offering a new model of coffee roaster. Years of development and testing in our production and testing facility, and feedback for users have helped us create a coffee roasting appliance that uses standard household current, yet is capable of roasting up to one kilogram (approximately 2.2 pounds) of coffee at a time. This coffee roaster is aimed at two markets:

  • The small coffee shop that needs a large capacity roaster to serve as a sample roaster as well as giving them an affordable way to roast small, "custom batches" for customers while they wait.
  • The home enthusiast looking for an advanced, large-capacity home roaster capable of repeatability and dependable performance. Features Include:
  • Two heating elements can be controlled separately. Should allow this large-capacity roaster to roast smaller batches with control.
  • Color, touch screen control and programming through multiple screens.
  • Maximum Capacity: 1,000 grams (1Kg) - 2.2 pounds.
  • Roasting time: 16-20 minutes.
  • Electric drum roaster: 1,350 - 1,500 watts maximum. Able to use standard household outlet.
  • Greatly improved chaff collection.
  • Two chaff collectors - A tray under the drum and a stainless steel filter screen before the fan.
  • Greatly improved smoke channeling through the interior of the roaster will easily allow indoor roasting.
  • Included high-temperature, flexible hose which connects to an exhaust port to vent smoke out through an open window, into cooking vent, etc.
  • Auto, Program, and Manual modes. Basically this combines the features of the "B" and "P" models, with an improved programmability in the "P" system.
  • 21 Kg (44 pounds) in weight.
  • USB port for saving, loading, and sharing of profiles.
  • Touch screen control as well as computer control through USB port
  • RS-232 port for computer control of the roaster and logging of roasts.
  • Real-time graphing of roast progress
  • Roast profiles can be saved internally as well as on a computer or on a USB flash drive. This will make sharing of profiles easy.

While this is a pre-production model, the hardware is ready for production as seen above. Final programming of the control system is currently being completed.

(NOTE: These will be updated with better photos soon!)

  1. Large viewing window give full visual access to the roast chamber
  2. Touch screen LCD located on the front of the roaster means that you can watch the control panel and the beans concurrently.
  3. These are the only two control buttons. All other functions are controlled right from the screen.

  1. Mains power switch.
  2. large capacity cooling tray with forced-air cooling and multiple-arm agitation during cooling. This area also includes a port to pull much of the smoke from the ejected beans through the exhaust system.
  3. Difficult to see here, but this is a filter box containing a fine-mesh stainless steel screen to filter out bits of chaff before the flow of air enters the exhaust fan.

  1. Exhaust port and included hose adapter makes smoke control very easy in virtually any situation.
  2. Manual ejection knob. Pull in any emergency to eject beans
  3. Multiple vents allow cool air to be drawn into the roaster.
  4. Removable power cord

Please feel free to contact us for more information. Specifications subject to change without notice.